Customer Passion Point Limited (CPPL) is the number one customer-centric value creation consultancy firm offering consulting, marketing and training solutions in Nigeria and across Africa.

We are highly innovative in all of our approaches, and we are distinctively positioned to spearhead first-class performance-led value creation consulting for Your business, in all of the markets You operate in.

CPPL Training Programs

Human capital is the vital driving resource in any economy. Training and development for human capital buildup in Your organisation, is fundamental to improving your business’s overall performance, increasing your sales and delivering premium value to your stakeholders.


You can deliver your promises, only through quality people, an in-depth understanding of insights from the market and the implementations of the right balance of creativity, brilliant strategies, innovations and precise execution.


Our training solutions are excellently designed to meet your needs as an individual and as an organisation. We equip professionals with the complete, appropriate and profitable skills required to function effectively in your given roles within your organisation.


We offer the following:

  • Customized Training Programs for Your unique organisational needs
  • Online (Virtual) Training Programs for individuals.
  • Recruitment, selection and placement services.
  • Competence assessment and capabilities analysis services:
  • Coaching and mentorship services:
  • Design and facilitation of business retreats and strategic planning sessions, for improved productivity and profitability in Your organisation.

Our Vision:

We are the leading customer-centric value creation consultancy, leveraging cutting-edge innovations, insights and strategies; to provide You with quality, disruptive and highly profitable solutions in the most cost-efficient way, that accelerates your business growth and consistently grows your shareholder’s value financially.

Our Mission:

We are actively promoting and connecting Your brands, to trade partners and your final consumers across Africa in a way that captures your unique exceptional value, and creates better, exciting returns for Your business both in the short and long terms.

Our Values:

We esteem every practical and cost-effective solution which is paramount to your growth needs. These following core values, guide how we deal with you, and there is a glob of PERFECTIONIST in everything we do:

  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Leadership
  • Innovation and
  • Excellence.